How I know when it is time to repair my shingle roof

repair my shingle roof

Time to repair my shingle roof

As a resident of the Charlotte and Concord, NC region, I am fortunate to have many Charlotte roofing companies from which to choose when I need to repair my shingle roof. It is an older roof, though not yet at the end of its expected service life. Thanks to the excellent roof inspection and maintenance service agreement I have with my local roofing contractor, I have recently become aware that I once again need to repair my shingle roof.

Areas of concern on asphalt shingles

My roof has a low pitch, with several slope transitions over a couple of porch roofs, valleys and head walls at three dormers, and a rake wall along the kitchen addition built several years ago. These areas need regular examination, and my roofers take special care to clean up accumulated debris and check the condition of metal flashing to be sure they do not cause leaking into my home. A regular inspection also checks for algae growth, which I understand does not really affect how well shingles work, but it does hold moisture that can be a problem if it sits too long.

Common signs of aging in asphalt shingles

Some common signs of aging in asphalt shingles include cracking, curling, missing, or loose shingles. Another is a collection of granules that washed off the shingles into a gutter or onto the ground. A good way to gauge how long you can expect your shingles to last is by checking the warranty issued by the asphalt shingles manufacturer. The actual rate of aging also depends on shingle quality and the weather. After a comprehensive inspection, roofing experts at Charlotte roofing companies can help you decide whether your roof can be restored to peak performance with repair work or if a roof replacement is required.

Delaying roof repair serves no good purpose

Once you have reason to suspect shingle damage or aging and your local roofing contractor confirms that your roof needs repair, do not put off making them.  If you wait too long before restoring your roof, the problem could worsen, making the repairs more extensive and more expensive. One thing is for sure: asphalt shingles do not heal themselves and the problem will not go away.

Selecting Charlotte roofing companies

When it came to selecting which of the many capable Charlotte roofing companies I wanted to work with, I checked Angies List, the Better Business Bureau, and then read online reviews and testimonials from customers for several roofing companies. My personal research and comparisons left me with no doubt that Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving Charlotte and Concord, NC, would be a great match for me and my roofing needs.

I am pleased to say that the skilled and courteous roof installers who regularly repair my shingle roof give me confidence that my roof is capable of protecting my property and my family. Thanks to regular inspections and timely maintenance, I can rest easy during seasonal storms that pass through my region of North Carolina, assured that I have done all I can to avoid storm damage. Call the fine folks at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors today, and see why they are my first choice when I need to repair my shingle roof.