Repair my shingle roof in Charlotte NC

repair my shingle roof

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I wanted to repair my shingle roof, not replace it

I needed to repair my shingle roof because the asphalt shingles were old and worn out, and my roof was beginning to leak. The immediate goal was simply to repair my shingle roof, and buy time before footing the bill for a total roof replacement with all new asphalt shingles. There are plenty of Charlotte roofing companies doing business in my Charlotte and Concord NC area who would prefer to go with a roof replacement right away, but frankly, right then, I needed a more conservative solution for my leaky roof.

Repair worn or damaged shingles

Sometimes homeowners do not monitor their roofing system to see if and when it needs repair, and a neglected roof – like mine – is susceptible to expensive damages. The tiniest of roof leaks can quickly develop into a large, costly problem. Professional Charlotte roofers have years of knowledge and experience, and can often provide long term roofing repairs that stop leakage and prevent further damage from occurring. Of course, a professional inspection for current or potential damage to my asphalt shingles was vital in determining whether a simple roof repair will be sufficient to restore function to my roof. The roof experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offered reliable advice on the condition of my roof and how best to make the necessary repairs.

I asked professionals to repair my shingle roof

Although I consider myself fairly competent with repairs, I know that professional roofers are educated and trained, and they are certified and licensed to business in my community. Safety issues aside, I know roof repairs are done best by professionals because their eyes are trained to look for problems. Experienced roofers can quickly spot problem areas, whereas I might spend an entire weekend looking for the source of a leak and still not locate it. As well, replacing worn or damaged shingles might be accomplished by an amateur do-it-yourselfer, but knowing how and where to correct the causes of a leak is a much more complicated roofing repair project. The goal of reputable Charlotte roofing companies is to make your roofing repair experience easier than you expected and more affordable than expected.

Since I had professional roofers in the Charlotte and Concord NC area repair my shingle roof, my entire roof system now operates at peak performance. I am relieved to say that I have now arranged to have my roof system inspected on a regular basis, and hope to stay on top of my aging asphalt shingles to ensure no more leaks. Not only am I confident that my home is well protected from the elements, but it looks really good. I might just be able to wait a while longer before needing to repair my shingle roof – or replace it – for quite some time!