Repair my shingle roof to avoid wind damage

Repair my shingle roofThe right shingles to repair my shingle roof

When it is time to repair my shingle roof after a severe windstorm, the only option is to depend on the best of the Charlotte roofing companies. It is the time of year when snow and ice are not as common as wind. Sometimes the southeast coastal states can be hammered by short, yet intense, windstorms. In fact, a short 15 minute storm can blow off or destroy enough shingles to create one or more serious leaks in your roof. Your shingles play a vital role in protecting your home from the elements. Shingles are designed to be somewhat wind resistant; however, when the gusts reach over 90 mile per hour, you can expect a reasonable amount of damage.

The average roofing shingle, when installed properly, has a wind resistance of around 60 miles per hour. If you have installed specialty shingles that are wind resistant, you can expect the resistance to be rated to withstand gales that can reach 130 mph. Wind resistant shingles are higher quality shingles and are held in place by a much more aggressive adhesive and the number of nails used to hold them down. Special wind resistant shingles require six nails per shingle while the standard service shingles are held in place with four nails.

Common Causes of Shingle Damage

When it was time to repair my shingle roof, I learned that it is important to know the difference between wind-resistant and standard shingles. It is even more important to understand that quite often improper installation is a cause for the failure of asphalt roofing shingles during high winds. There is a great difference between the 60 mph rating of standard shingles and gale force winds, but even at 60 mph, a tremendous amount of stress is placed on your roofing system.

Improper nailing of roofing shingles is the most common cause of shingle damage during high winds. If workmen are insufficiently trained or if they are careless, shingles will be nailed above the sealing strips. This is outside manufacturer guidelines and is only compounded when a contractor fails to take the necessary time to inspect their work.

Failure can also occur if the nails are driven in too far. Many contractors depend on pneumatic nail guns, and the compressor can be set too high. In such cases, the nail head can cut through the shingle, leaving the shingle insufficiently attached to the roof. This is not to say that every time shingles blow off that they were improperly installed. The point is that finding the most qualified roofing contractor can be the difference between a durable roof and one that is doomed to fail.

A reliable Charlotte roofing company

When it is time to replace shingles on your roof, you want a reliable contractor who does not cut corners. Look for a local company that has been certified by major manufacturers to sell and install their products. When the contractor follows the manufacturer instructions, you are protected by the material warranty, and you will receive the best possible installation.

If you are looking for a premier roofing company in Charlotte, NC, consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They are a local, family owned business that has served the region for over twenty years. Call them today and ask, “Can I get an estimate to repair my shingle roof?”