What to do when your roof shingles curl

A house with roof shinglesWhy do roof shingles curl?

When your roof shingles are curling, there could be several reasons.  Some are easily repaired, while others may need a roofing company to properly make the repairs.   It is important to get the problem fixed, because once your roof shingles begin to curl, it will not be long before you need roof repairs.  Damage caused by curling roof shingles can include mold or water damage.

The entire roof needs to be replaced

If your roof is older than fifteen years, chances are the roof shingles are starting to curl and your entire roof should be replaced.  It is recommended that you use one of the roofing companies located in the Charlotte and Concord NC area to ensure the roof is installed properly.  When a roof and the roof shingles are this old, replacement is usually the only option.   While today’s materials often have a lifetime warranty, they may not have when your roof was new.

Improperly installed roof shingle

If you roof is only a few years old and your roof shingle are curling, your problem may be that the roof shingles were improperly installed.  This could be a matter of the roofing company only using three nails instead of four or that the nails went all the way through the roof shingles or strip of adhesive sealing the roof shingles together.

Improperly lined up tar lines

There is a strip of adhesive on all roof shingles.  This line, called a tar line helps seal the roof shingles together to help keep the roof dry.  These tar lines must be lined up precisely and if a roof installer does not install them properly, the roof may leak and the roof shingles may curl.

Poor attic ventilation

One of the primary reasons roof shingles curl is an improperly ventilated attic.  If an attic does not have any, or the right number of vents, air will condense inside the attic creating damp conditions.  These conditions are perfect for mold which can loosen the adhesive on roof shingles, making them curl.  Attic vents also help reduce temperatures in the attic.  If air is not vented from an attic, it is trapped and can heat up to very high temperatures.  These high temperatures can also loosen the adhesive on roof shingles, making the shingles curl.  It is important to ensure there is enough insulation also installed in the attic to offset the air flow and help reduce utility costs.

Making repairs to roof shingles

While it may be possible to repair a single loose shingle yourself, it is not a good idea to try and replace many roof shingles or the entire roof.  Roofing is a specialized skill which requires specialized tools and training.  Some roof shingles will even lose their warranty if they are not installed by properly trained technicians.  When you have curling roof shingles, call one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for a quality job.