Secrets that reveal it is time to repair my roof shingles

Repair my roof shinglesReplace my shingle roof

Every spring, homeowners routinely ask themselves, “Do I need to repair my roof shingles?” There can be no question about the abuse that asphalt roof shingles endure over the course of fall and winter seasons. You can expect the life of your shingle roof to be anywhere between 20 to 50 years, depending on how well your roof is maintained and the design of and the shingles.

The need to repair your roof is not always easily visible. This is why it is important to have your roof inspected in the early spring, to avoid surprises that may come with spring rains. Occasionally, it is possible to spot signs and indicators that can reveal your roof is damaged even before you consult with a contractor. If you know the secrets of the four basic signs of roof shingle wear, you will be able to avoid surprises later in the year. These observations include the following:

Your asphalt shingles display a washed-out color

If you roof is dark in color, the excessive shingle wear will be seen as black, shiny areas. If your roof is lighter colored, the wear will be manifest as blotchy patches. This visual cue is a sign that surface granules have begun to significantly wear away. Look in your gutters at the ground around the bottom of your downspouts. Do you see a lot of granules? This is a sign that you may need to tell yourself, “I need to repair my roof shingles before the deterioration gets any worse.”

Visible cracks in the roof shingles

Over the course of time, the bare spots become larger and the asphalt becomes exposed to conditions that will cause it to dry and crack. The cracks will appear most prominently on those parts of your roof that endures the most exposure to direct sunlight. Needless to say, cracks in the shingles will greatly increase that chance of your roof leaking. Once cracking is apparent it is important to contact Charlotte roofing companies for estimates to repair or replace your roofing while the shingles are still leak free and relatively flat.

Roof shingles are falling apart

The evidence that washes down your gutters will tell you a lot. If you begin to find little pieces of shingles in the gutters or on the ground, your roof is definitely in need of repair. This is evidence that the exposed flap between the slots in your shingles has become brittle and broken down. This is also usually accompanied with curling of the edges of the damaged shingles. It is important to repair or replace your asphalt shingles before curling starts. If not, rather than laying a new roof on top of the existing roof, the old one will need to be torn off, causing additional expense.

Reliable roof repairs in Charlotte, NC

A trustworthy roofing contractor can clear up many of the uncertainties you might hold regarding the need for roof repair. If you ever suspect that your roof may have sustained damage, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors out to perform a thorough inspection of your roof. They have been serving the residents of Charlotte and Concord, NC, for over twenty years. Call them today and tell them, “I need to repair my roof shingles.”