Shingle repair services in Charlotte and Concord

Shingle Repair Charlotte, NCOverview Shingle Repair Charlotte

Shingle repair Charlotte is one of the most popular roofing services in Charlotte and Concord, NC. Whether residential or business, the expert roofing contractors in your area can provide you with the best services to match your exterior improvement needs. There are many different kinds of shingles, so whether you are repairing or in need of shingle repair Charlotte existing roofing or replacing it altogether, it is good to know your options.

Asphalt Shingles

For residences, the most popular shingle are asphalt. They are both durable and relatively inexpensive. Asphalt shingles come with a warranty of 20 years to a lifetime. They also come in an array of colors depending on the manufacturer. Lastly, there are a few styles available: the 3-tab shingle is most popular, and appears to have 3 separate shingle tabs; the architectural or dimensional shingle has a 3-dimensional appearance, and is slightly more expensive; and some manufacturers have their own designer or luxury lines.

Additional Shingle Types

Beyond asphalt, there are many other options for shingle roofing and shingle repair Charlotte, namely: metal, clay, concrete, wood, slate, and synthetic. Each kind has its own benefits, from cost to durability to aesthetic appeal. Metal roofing has a long lifespan of 40 to 60 years. It comes in several colors and compositions, most popularly: copper, 0.032 aluminum, and 24-gauge steel. It also comes in varying styles, like 5V crimp and standing seam. Clay or concrete tile shingles have a very long lifespan of 100 years, making them the most durable option. Although tile roofing costs more, it has perhaps the most aesthetic appeal, giving your exterior a historic appearance. Wood shingles last 30 to 40 years. Using wood from western red cedar, cypress, redwood, or pine, they are the easiest to maintain, being naturally resistant to decay, moisture, and insects. Slate shingles vary in composition and style depending on the region, so talk to your local roofing experts for options in your area. In general, slate is dense, durable, and nonabsorbent. Finally, synthetic shingles are comprised of recycled plastic or rubber, but can be made to look like any of the other shingle types to suit your preferences. In many instances, they are actually more affordable alternatives to the other shingle types.

Your Roofing Experts

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a team of expert contractors in your Charlotte and Concord, NC area. They specialize in shingle repair Charlotte as well as installations. This begins with an inspection, in which trained staff will provide you with an honest assessment of your roof’s condition, including life inspections and any current problems, for example any damage or leaks caused by age, trees, wind, or hail. With Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte’s best roofing contractors can offer you a free estimate, a timeline that fits your schedule, and will provide all necessary materials themselves.