Shingles and tiles and shakes, oh my

Shingles in Charlotte, NCShingles and what can happen to them

As recently as 2014, asphalt shingles accounted for the biggest share of roofing demand. They last at least 20 years, and can be recycled into road material when they wear out. Shingles are small and fairly easy to replace, but they are more easily damaged or knocked loose than other forms of roofing, resulting in holes that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Check your shingles regularly for blistering, buckling or curling. When you check your roof gutters, look for shingle granules, a sign of wear and tear.

Storms can damage the shingles on your roof. Constant sunlight can overheat the roof, leading to blistering and warping of individual shingles. Wind blowing over the roof will eventually tear loose a warped shingle. If the gutters of your roof become clogged by leaves or snow, rainwater may pool on your roof, causing water damage. Even poor attic ventilation can lead to overheating in the summer, which, again, can warp the shingles.

Tiles and shakes

What usually causes a leak in a tile roof isn’t the tiles themselves — those are made of concrete or hardened clay, and not easily damaged. But the felt underneath the tiles, an asphalt-based material, is what keeps water from trickling between them and getting into your home. That felt becomes brittle with age, and if it contracted during the winter, it is now expanding again with the coming of warmer weather, and may begin to crack. If the tile itself is cracked or broken, of course, it will need to be replaced. In either case, tile repair should really be done by professional roofing contractors, especially if this is a historic roof and you want to preserve its appearance as much as possible.

Shakes made of cedar and redwood are fairly rot-resistant on older roofs, where they’re laid down on lathing strips. On more modern roofs, once again the felt under the shakes is the problem. The same waterproof quality that makes felt so good at keeping water out of your attic also causes moisture to accumulate under the shakes, leading to mildew, mold, fungi, lichen and in some cases actual moss growing on your roof. To prevent this, have your roof cleaned regularly. Your roofer can tell you when to have it done.

Shingle and tile repair by Charlotte’s best roofing company

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