What damages shingles and how to repair them

Shingle repair in Charlotte, NCLooking for damaged shingles and knowing what can damage them

If you have a shingle repair roof, you need to know someone who can repair it quickly and at a reasonable price. According to Angies List, roof maintenance becomes more important when your house enters its teen years. This means checking your shingles for blistering, buckling or curling. When you check your roof gutters, look for shingle granules. They are a sign of wear and tear on your roof. Shingles are small and relatively easy to replace without spending too much money — this is their advantage. Unfortunately, they are more easily damaged or knocked loose than other forms of roofing, resulting in holes that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Shingle repair can be made of such materials as wood, slate or composites, but the most popular kind of shingle is the asphalt shingle, which as recently as 2014 accounted for the biggest share of roofing demand. They last at least 20 years, and can be recycled into road material when they wear out. The most popular asphalt shingle is the 3-tab.

Here are some of the things that can damage the shingles on your roof:

  • Wind can damage the roof, either directly (by pushing against surface irregularities until shingles are torn loose) or indirectly (by striking your roof with tree branches or other debris). For this reason, you will want the services of a roofer who attaches each shingle to your roof securely — too few nails will leave them vulnerable to wind.
  • Hailstorms can also damage shingles.
  • Constant sunlight can overheat the roof, leading to blistering and warping of individual shingles in the places that get the most sun, such as the south side.
  • If the gutters on your roof become clogged by fallen leaves or heavy snow, you may get pools of rainwater on parts of your roof, resulting in water damage where the shingles are soaked for extended periods.
  • A poorly ventilated attic can overheat during the summer, warping the shingles from below.

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