Can bird droppings cause Charlotte NC shingle repair?

Shingle repairWhy are birds so harmful to roofing structures?

Shingle repair in Charlotte NC can be required for all manner of reasons, but none more so than bird droppings. These will damage shingles, clog gutters and if there is a lot, it can pose a health risk. If you spot these deposits on parked vehicles, there will be a high likelihood you have a bird problem on your roof.

Read on to find out more how these birds can spoil a roof to the extent you need to call your local roofing company for shingle repair.

How do birds damage roofing materials?

One thing that many individuals don’t know is, birds don’t produce urine. What they do is produce an excess of uric acid when they excrete nitrogenous waste. You can see this in the deposits they leave all over vehicles. This uric acid eats away at asphalt shingles as well as a host of other roofing materials.

The problem lies when there are lots of birds in your area and they congregate in specific parts of your roof. Over time, it can be you need shingle repair in Concord NC or any other area in the region.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies see other problem areas

One of the more problem areas in residential roofing is the guttering areas. When birds poo, it will contain seeds. The problem is that these find their way into gutters and once they settle, they sprout and grow. This problem is accentuated when there is other organic material accumulating in the gutter area because it acts as fertilizer.

The main problem comes from these sprouts and their roots. These clog gutters and prevent any debris being washed away. This accumulates, so when it rains the water has nowhere to go but toward your home. Water finds its way behind sidings and into rafters causing wood rot and other problems.

Health risks are worse than shingle repair in Charlotte NC

In the droppings that are left from birds, a fungus poses health risks to humans. This fungus can become airborne and inhaled. This cause either histoplasmosis or cryptococcosis, both of which can be harmful.

When there are lots of birds, they can cause problems with HVAC units or by air vents. This means these fungi are directed directly into your home or building in the case of a commercial property.

Reliable Charlotte NC roofing contractors can solve bird problems

A local roofing company can’t do much about the bird problem, but they can check your roof to make sure there is no intense damage. At the same time, they are the best people to know how to clean these soiled areas.

If you suspect you have this problem, it is time to begin looking through Charlotte’s best roofing contractors for assistance. Contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the professionals will go through all you need to know about how bird droppings can affect your roof. The professionals can survey your roof and quickly see if you need shingle repair, or it just needs a good clean.