Do you need Charlotte NC shingle repair or a new roof?

Are cracked shingles bad for my roof?

Shingle repair is needed for lots of reasons, and it wouldn’t exist if there were no requirement. Shingles may not appear to be damaged; yet leaving things of this nature can make them dangerous. Not only can they compromise the integrity of a roof, they could slip and fall on passersby.

If you have a shingle roof and you are unsure of the condition, read on for more information to see why it is vital that a roof installer in Charlotte NC performs a roof inspection.

How cracked shingles affect a Charlotte NC roof

Shingles that are cracked or leaking cannot be ignored; this is why you cannot just sit back and take any loose shingles for granted. If you don’t spot problems right away, these can escalate to the point where routine roof repair is too expensive and impractical to complete.

At this stage, you are forced to start a roof replacement that can be more expensive and time consuming than shingle repair, and what you are prepared for. At this time of year, shingles may have gone through thermal splitting if they were exposed to high levels of sun. Shingles splinter and crack and gaps widen. If you do see this, it is time for you to call your local roof repair company.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies can remedy these problems

Even if these splits or gaps are not visible, it doesn’t mean there are not areas where it isn’t happening. These areas that are out of sight can actually cause more damage as they are often in areas of a roof where there is gutters or run offs, shingle repair here is crucial.

A good roofing company may get away with a roof inspection and find they only need to replace a few shingles, or a concentrated area to stop pooling water from leaking through. It is better to have these changed sooner rather than later for a couple of reasons. Shingles that curl can be caught by heavy winds and can easily be pulled from their fixings.

Adding to this, if they are undetected, they can affect shingles around them, this problem escalates to where shingle repair isn’t an option, and you do need a new roof installation. This can happen to anyone in Charlotte NC, or there can be a requirement for a roofing company in Concord NC.

Address the roof problem in Charlotte NC

It doesn’t matter if you need shingle repair, or you need a new roof installation. Now is the best time to have this work completed. Shingles that are fitted now will not expand because of summer sun, so they won’t stretch their fixings.

To make sure you have Charlotte’s best roofing contractors at your disposal. Contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. The professionals know all too well what to look for and to what extent a roof will need shingle repair before it needs replacing.