Get shingle repair done fast — for Charlotte contractors

Charlotte’s best roofing contractors do shingle repair quickly

Shingle repair in Charlotte, NC

With the weather in Charlotte and Concord, NC as unpredictable as it is, roof repair needs to be done as quickly as possible. As recently as 2014, asphalt shingles accounted for the biggest share of roofing demand, so if you’re a contractor, this is the kind of roof you’ll most likely be asked to repair. And if your customers want their roofs fixed and weatherproof, you need to be able to assure them — truthfully — that it will be done before the next big storm. If you have too much work on your hands to be able to get it done that fast, you can always hire another company to do the work — but only if you can trust them to do the work both quickly and well.

Think of all the steps that go into shingle repair, whether it’s replacing a few shingles or redoing a whole roof. If a roofing company says they can do all that it one to three days, and do it well enough that your customers won’t have any complaints later on, you need to be sure that company is as good as its word. Your customers, after all, won’t remember who you hired — they’ll only remember that they hired you.

A shingle roof will need a lot of repair

A shingle roof generally lasts about 20 years, but individual shingles don’t necessarily last that long. They’re small, not too hard to replace and can be recycled into road material when they wear out. The flip side of this is that they’re more easily damaged or knocked loose than other forms of roofing, resulting in holes that your customers will want fixed as quickly as possible.

This damage can be caused by a lot of things — starting with storms, of course. Constant sun will overheat the shingles and damage them. Wind blowing over the roof will tear them loose. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to pool on the roof. Even poor attic ventilation will cause overheating, which, again, can damage the shingles. A homeowner who knows what to look for — blistering, curling and buckling shingles, shingle granules in the roof gutters — soon knows when his or her roof needs your help.

Charlotte’s best roofing company

If you need someone to your shingle repair roof, Charlotte and Concord, NC’s best roofing company is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also an Owens Corning preferred contractor and a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte. Their experts can repair your roof and tell you how to keep it in repair. They will bring the new shingles and other materials themselves. Call today for a free estimate.