When you need shingle repair, you need it soon

A case of shingle repair in Charlotte

(The following are dramatizations.)

Mr. Lewis owned three houses in Charlotte — his own and two rental properties. He also managed a small business. This was a lot to keep track of, and sometimes he got behind on inspections.


One day, the tenant of a loft apartment in one of his buildings called to tell him that he was starting to see daylight through the cracks in his roof. Looking at the problem himself, he saw that there were several places on the roof where recent windstorms had loosened the shingles and in one place they had fallen out — and the weather report said heavy rain was coming tomorrow. Mr. Lewis hastily nailed the shingles back in place and called a professional roofer he’d hired before.


The good news was that the entire roof wouldn’t need replacing. The roofing company could take out all the damaged shingles and put in new ones in just a few days, leaving the roof just about as good as new. The only bad news was that by doing repairs on the roof himself, he’d voided the warranty on it, so this was coming out of his own pocket.


A case of shingle repair in Concord, NC

Mrs. Allen owned just the one house. And it was a one-story house, which meant that if the roof leaked, the water wouldn’t get into the attic, but would get into any number of places where she didn’t want it. So when she was cleaning her gutters and found the gritty stuff from the shingles in it, and saw that some of her shingles were buckling from the heat, she didn’t wait for things to get worse.


She didn’t happen to know a roofer, and she’d heard horror stories about dishonest contractors, so she made a point of asking her neighbors. Then she went to the Web sites of the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List for recommendations. She tried to get six estimates, so she could get a sense of a fair price. It turned out that a lot of her shingles did need to be replaced, but at least she’d caught the problem before anything inside her house was damaged.


Shingle repair from Charlotte’s best roofing company

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