Questions and answers about shingle repair in Concord

Shingle repair in Concord- frequently asked questions

With shingle repair- what sort of roofing is most popular?

Asphalt shingles represented the biggest share of roofing demand as recently as 2014.


How long will a Charlotte asphalt shingle roof last, and how do I know if I need shingle repair?

It should last about 20 years. You’ll most likely need shingle repair will at some point during the second decade. If no shingles are warped, displaced or missing, check your roof gutters for whitish sand-like granules. If they’re wearing off, some of your shingles need to be replaced or soon will.Shingle repair in Concord


What sort of things can lead to the need for shingle repair in Concord, NC?

Many things. Severe storms, with lots of rain and wind, are a common problem. Constant sun can overheat the roof, leading to blistering and warping. Wind blowing over the shingles will eventually tear a loose or warped shingle off your roof. If the gutters of your roof become clogged, rainwater will pool on your roof, which can lead to water damage. In the summer, poor attic ventilation can cause overheating and warp the shingles from below. Raccoons can tear shingles aside if there’s no other way to get into a warm attic.


Can I do shingle repair myself?

No. It’s too dangerous and will void the warranty.


I’ve heard that wooden shingles are called “shakes.” Is this true? And how do you keep wooden shingles from rotting?

Regular wooden shingles are just called wooden shingles. Shakes are something different — they’re split from logs, giving them a more rough-hewn look than shingles, and they last a little longer. If you have wooden shingles or shakes, make sure they have air circulating behind them, and wash and oil them from time to time to help them resist mold and mildew.


Is shingle repair easier or harder with slate and tile?

Harder. They’re less common, so fewer roofers will have experience with them. Slate, in particular, though it holds up wonderfully against hail and scraping tree branches, was never meant to be walked on. You should also remember that slate and tile are much heavier than asphalt or wood. Ask a professional roofer if your roof can stand the extra weight.


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