Shingle repair can be a good option for Charlotte and Concord, NC homeowners

Shingle repair for your roof damage

Shingle repair is an often unheard-of roofing option in Charlotte and Concord, NC. While fixing just shingle or a small area may be an appealing option, it is not the correct solution for all roofing issues. Below, discover when shingle repair may be a good option to consider and when other options should be explored.

Shingle repair is a good option if…

Your roofing contractor may recommend shingle repair to fix your roofing issue if:

  • Only one or two shingles are missing or damaged. Sometimes, wind can knock loose one shingle or a small branch may chip off a part of one shingle, but no other major issues are seen. In this case, shingle repair would be a good solution. Repair only the damaged shingle or shingles, and your roof will be good to go for a while longer.
  • You are a DIY person. Shingle repair is something some handy homeowners may feel they can tackle themselves. It is a relatively easy process and shingles can be purchased on their own. Keep in mind, a professional can help you determine if that truly is the best option, ensure it is done correctly, and watch out for any unseen damage you may have missed on your own.
  • You are on a budget. Though letting any issue on your roof go is a bad idea, sometimes, you just don’t have the funds. A shingle repair can help your roof finish out the season or help you get by until your next paycheck so you can pay for the entire repair. Keep in mind, however, that many roofing companies offer payment plans, so don’t be afraid to explore those if money is preventing you from doing the needed fix.

It is not a good option if…

Though repair is great for minor damage, it is not a solution when:

  • There is damage to a large area of the roof. In this case, a partial new roof may be a better option.
  • Your roof is old. If your asphalt roof is nearing the end of its life, you may find yourself doing shingle replacement regularly. It may be more economical to just replace the entire roof it is at the end of its lifespan.

Shingle replacement for Charlotte and Concord, NC homeowners

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