Charlotte’s shingle repair experts explain signs of a failing asphalt shingle roof

Charlotte’s shingle repair experts help you inspect your roof like a pro

Charlotte’s shingle repair experts insist that failing to recognize when your roof needs a repair or replacement can lead to further deterioration and costly damage. Our roofs take quite a beating over time and can result in different issues, including leaks, mold, mildew, and rot. These tend to weaken the home’s structure, impair curb appeal, and reduce the home’s value. Learning how to spot issues early to address them before they wreak havoc is recommended.

What are the apparent signs of roof damage?

  1. Attic leaks
  2. Peeling or blistering of the exterior paint
  3. Ceiling and wall stains
  4. Dark streaks on the roof
  5. Sagging
  6. Broken gutters
  7. Loose, cracked, or missing shingles

Attic leaks

A major role of the roofing system is to keep what’s below it dry and protected. Therefore, if your attic is leaky, damp, moldy, or has sun peeking through, it means it isn’t performing as expected. The problem can be associated with underlayment, shingles, or flashing. Scheduling a roof inspection can help pinpoint the specific issue.

Peeling or blistering of the exterior paint

It indicates poor ventilation rather than roof damage. However, air circulation keeps your home free of excess moisture. So, finding out why the paint is being affected is advisable. Missing, loose, and improperly installed shingles can affect airflow in the attic.

Ceiling and wall stains

Leaks and improper ventilation can draw moisture from the roof, through the attic, and into your home’s main living areas. Failing shingles can also result in watermarks, which could appear as spots, stains, discolorations, and streaks on your ceiling or walls.

Dark streaks on the roof

Moisture accumulation on the roof can lead to the growth of moss and algae. It is particularly true for shady spots where sunlight cannot reach due to factors like overhanging tree branches. This usually appears as unattractive brown, black, or green streaks that impair the roof’s appearance. It isn’t always a sign of shingle damage but runs curb appeal. The more these substances grow, the more the resulting moisture can cause issues.


A damaged roof structure can visibly sag or look uneven in some spots. The roof’s sheathing and underlayment can break down when broken or missing shingles allow in moisture. The result can be the visible sign of decay.

Broken gutters

Gutters often appear as a separate feature, but they are part of the roofing system. If you notice issues with detached, cracked, or off-kilter gutters, you should check your shingles. Poorly functioning gutters allow excess moisture to stay in susceptible spots of the roof, resulting in damage.

Loose, cracked, or missing shingles

The most obvious sign of roof damage is shingles issues. Look out for shingles that are broken, loosened, cracked, worn out in spots, warped, curled, missing, or fallen onto the ground.

Choose Charlotte’s best shingle repair experts

Schedule regular roof inspections to promote maximum protection from your system. This is best done before the rainy and wintery weather and after adverse weather elements like storms. Charlotte’s best shingle repair experts will inspect your roof thoroughly and handle repairs to maintain the integrity of the structure. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.