Shingle repair expert in Charlotte NC explains common shingle problems

Shingle repair issues need fast solutions to prevent costlier repairs

Shingle repair expert in Charlotte NC solves most problems that residential roofs have. Shingles are among the most exposed parts of the roof, so they are susceptible to more damage. It is advisable that you repair them as soon as you start witnessing changes.

Most homeowners wait for more visible signs and may ignore existing ones which can cause serious challenges. Ensuring that the different issues are addressed in time helps maintain your roof’s integrity. Here are some common shingle problems to look out for.

Shingle granule loss

Due to exposure and weathering, all shingle roofs will lose some granules over time. However, there could be a variety of reasons why your gutter is overflowing with granules or why some areas of your roof have substantial granule loss, such as:

  • Uneven application of the asphalt in the middle layer, there was a problem with adhesion.
  • Asphalt melted due to roof overheating, which also resulted in granule loss.
  • There is inadequate ventilation on the roof.

Granules can cause clogged or obstructed gutters, general UV damage to the exposed shingle, leaking, or even roof failure if the issue is left unattended.

Shingle curling

The phenomenon known as heat shock is one of the most common causes of shingles curling. The term “thermal shock” describes the quick, rapid cooling of a roof’s high temperature. For instance, because shingles absorb heat, the temperature of the roof will be greater on a warm day. Then, perhaps, the weather abruptly changes, cools off and lowers the temperature of the roof. Your shingle roof may be affected by this temperature shock, and as it occurs again, it may start to curl.

Mold growth

Another problem is the development of mold, mildew, and algae on your shingle roof. These events are more frequent in humid environments and on north-facing rooftops that receive little or no sunlight. The majority of the time, algae, mildew, and algae—which frequently appear as black streaks on a roof—are merely aesthetic problems that may be fixed.

Missing shingles

Individual shingles may come off the roof because shingles are put piece by piece.

There are numerous causes for this, including:

  • The edge of the shingle was raised and disengaged by a strong wind.
  • The shingle disengaged as a result of an impact or hit to the roof.
  • The shingle’s back’s sealing is cracked or brittle.
  • The seal was unable to engage because the shingle was put at a temperature that was too low.
  • The seal was never initially properly engaged.

It is important to have a missing shingle on your roof fixed and replaced as soon as feasible. If you don’t fix it, your house or place of business will be exposed to harsh elements for a long time.

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Repairing shingles once you notice any issue can help you retain your roof’s integrity. Hire the best shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC for top results.

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