Shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC explain architectural shingle benefits

Shingle repair experts recommend architectural shingles due to their many benefits

Shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC can help you install architectural shingles at your property to enjoy the multiple benefits. This time of year, we often experience deep feelings of gratitude for our loved ones, the food on our tables, and the roof over our heads. Speaking of the roof over your head, you’d be wise to thoroughly weigh your options if a new one is in your near future.

Asphalt shingles are a common choice for roof materials in Maryland because of their dependability, affordability, warranty, and beauty. However, selecting an asphalt roof is only the first step. The type—classic 3-tab or architectural—that will be the best fit for your demands must still be chosen. Let’s contrast the benefits of 3-tab shingles with those of architectural shingles since each offers unique advantages.


Both 3-tab and architectural shingles are available in a huge selection of hues, materials, and designs. However, these two varieties look very different from one another. The appearance of a typical three-tab shingle is flat with a single tab form and size, giving it a one-dimensional, flat appearance. Architectural shingles, commonly referred to as dimensional shingles, have a base that is adhered to by numerous layers of different materials. Because of this design element, they can be made to seem like cedar shakes or even slate, enhancing the curb appeal of your property without adding to the cost or weight.

Wind ratings

The ratings for wind resistance of common 3-tab and architectural shingles differ significantly. Architectural shingles are more wind resistant than 3-tab varieties because they are thicker and of higher quality. While 3-tabs are often approved for winds up to about 60 miles per hour, architectural shingles are typically rated to resist winds of between 80 and 120 miles per hour.


Architectural shingles often survive longer than the 3-tab variety—usually 18 to 20 years, but sometimes up to 30 years depending on conditions—due to their thicker, higher-quality composition, superior wind rating, and capacity to endure ice, snow, and extreme temperatures. 3-tab shingles normally last 7 to 10 years unless they are subjected to extremely hot summers, strong winds, or harsh winters. 3-tabs can endure up to 12 to 15 years in temperate areas.

Work with the best shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC

Architectural shingles top the comparison in almost every sector, so they can be amazing for your roof. Hire the top shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC for expert advice and skills during installation.

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