Shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC explain what to do with broken shingles

Shingle repair experts help correct broken shingles in your home

Shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC insist on repairing roof defects like broken shingles. One of the most important aspects of home care is roof upkeep. Your home’s roof is an essential component that protects you and your family from the elements including rain. To prevent water from seeping down and ruining the sheathing below, any indication of damage or broken shingles requires prompt care.

The good news is that it is very simple to spot damaged shingles. Here is what you should do if you notice any shingles that are damaged or cracked.

Assess damage extent

As soon as you notice a broken roof shingle, the first thing you should do is evaluate the damage. The insulation may tear or the ceiling may leak as a result of broken roof shingles. Knowing the extent of the harm will help you determine the available solutions.

You will need to hire professionals to fully remedy the problem if the damage is too severe. When you see a damaged shingle, you need to act quickly since roof issues quickly worsen and spread if left alone.

Replace broken shingles

You must replace the entire shingle if the damage causes a portion of it to disappear. Check to see if you still have any shingles from the last time you had your roof repaired. If not, purchase yourself a bundle at your neighborhood hardware shop.

A flat pry bar must be slid under the shingle directly above the one that is broken in order to replace it. You can see a row of nails underneath the sealer strip if you gently lift the bar.

Pull out the nails by prying them out and then lowering the shingle. Once the nails are removed, the shingles are free to be removed and replaced with fresh ones by simply slipping them off.

Clear roof gutters

Roof shingles that are broken indicate the presence of granules, dust, leaves, and dirt underneath. All of it makes it to the roof gutters and eventually clogs the drainage system.

Before the clogged rainwater seeps through the roof and creates dripping, you might not be aware of the issue. To avoid having to pay for costly roof repairs, look for gutter blockages whenever you spot a broken shingle.

Repair cracks

You simply need to fix the cracks if that’s what caused your damaged roof shingles. Apply a thick coating of sealant underneath the crack and distribute it with a putty knife to begin repairing the shingle. Apply another layer of sealant above the crack while applying some pressure to the shingle. Maintain pressure on the crack until the adhesive fills it, and then wait a while for it to dry.

Find the best shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC

Once you notice broken shingles on your roof, you should repair them for a sturdy roof. Work with the best shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC for the best results

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