Charlotte’s best shingle repair experts explain how to replace shingles after a storm

Shingle repair experts can help you replace shingles blown off in Hurricane Ian

Charlotte’s best shingle repair experts help repair damage that hurricane Ian can have on your roof. Roof shingles are frequently blown off by storm winds, although the causes may not always be obvious. It usually comes down to the shingle not being securely secured. This could indicate that the nails holding the shingles in place were placed incorrectly, that the nail has come free and allowed the shingle to slip, that the glue hasn’t fully dried, or that there is structural damage to the roof decking.

Due to the natural deterioration of asphalt shingles over time, older roofs may encounter several of these issues at once. When it’s windy outside, more than a few shingles may disappear off the roof of your home if nails are coming loose or the shingles are weak.

How to replace blown-off shingles

If you have a DIY spirit and the necessary tools, replacing a few shingles that have flown off your roof can be fairly easy.

Assess the damage: Find out how many missing shingles there are so you can buy or get the proper amount of replacements. To check for concealed damage or to remove partially damaged shingles, you might need to loosen the nails on the shingles directly above any damaged ones.

Put a new shingle in place: After removing the damaged ones, slip a fresh shingle into place, working your way down from the top of the damaged region. To get the shingles to overlap properly, you might need to elevate or temporarily remove the nails. Simply align the new shingles with the ones that already surround them, then re-nail through the nail strip.

The difficult part of replacing shingles is knowing precisely where to nail them so they cling on strongly for the long run. It might be advisable to leave the job to the experts if you’re unsure about where the nail strip on your specific shingle is located or if you’re uncomfortable working on top of a roof.

Prevent the shingles from getting blown off: The greatest approach to stop shingles from blowing off your roof is to install them correctly in the first place. You should have a roof that will shield your house for many years to come if the shingles are correctly nailed, aren’t too old, and starting to become brittle, and the adhesive has fully cured.

There’s a significant probability that the adhesive hadn’t fully hardened if you hired a professional and the shingles began to blow off within six months after installation. Call an expert roofer in that situation and explain what happened; the majority of roofers offer a warranty for this kind of work.

Work with Charlotte’s best shingle repair experts

Shingles often get damaged in hurricane winds, so you should repair the damaged areas after a storm to keep your roof sturdy. Work with the best shingle repair experts in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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