Shingle Repair Guide for Charlotte NC: learn from the experts

Shingle repair ensures your roof’s integrity

Shingle repair services in Charlotte are the answer to ensure you maintain a safe and functional roof over your head.

Is your roof’s shingle cracked or torn? If so, you don’t have to replace it. A repair is enough to restore its functionality. However, when doing shingle repair, you must get it right. Otherwise, a slight mistake would cause more damage to the shingles.

How to handle shingle repairs

After the experts handle repair correctly, the shingles last for decades and offer the protection your home needs. So, which is the best way to handle shingle repairs?

Below is a process to follow when doing shingle repairs

Assess the damage

Depending on the years your roof has been in existence, a leak might indicate a group of shingles needs repair or the entire roof needs replacement.

Therefore, before starting the repair, assess the extent of the damage. If the damage on the shingles is minor, you can climb on the ladder and have it fixed. But if the damage is extensive and beyond your repair capabilities, you can contact roofing professionals.

Full roof vs. section

After assessing the extent of the damage, the next step is deciding how much repair is necessary. If only a few shingles have cracks, you can replace them alone.

But if a group of shingles is in wanting condition, it’s better to have the entire roof replaced. A group of shingles often mean the decking might be damaged too.

If you don’t repair the shingles without fixing the deck, it might not hold the new shingles for long. Hence you should fix the decking before repairing the shingles.

Remove damaged shingles

Removing damaged shingles is not a challenging task. You need to remove the nail first and then slide them out. But ensure you are doing this in moderate weather.

Otherwise, if it’s hot, the shingles could stick to the roof, and you could break the undamaged shingles. When removing the shingles, beware they have eight nails. The first four are often at the centerline. The others are at the back, just underneath the shingles. You will have to lift the shingles to remove the nails located at the back.

Assess the decking during shingle repair

After getting rid of damaged shingles, you will need to check the condition of the decking. Any damage on the decking means you must remove all the shingles above that area and then have the decking replaced.

Even if the decking is not damaged, ensure all the nails are in place. If they are not, have them nailed.

Install new shingles

After ensuring the decking is in good condition, the next step is replacing the damaged shingles with new ones. But before doing so, you will need to add waterproof sheeting first.

Then you can round off the shingles on the back corners to make it easy to slide them. After getting them in the right position, ensure to secure them properly. After you complete installing the shingles, you can clean up.

Top shingle repair services in Charlotte

Correct shingle repair saves you from costly future repairs. It also ensures the roof can protect your home from water damage. Experts follow the above process when doing shingle repair to get it right.

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