Shingle repair: how to repair an asphalt shingles roof, in Charlotte

Shingle repair is a common thing when it comes to issues with your roof. Roofs are prone to damages that can cause leaks and drips. This is because they are always exposed to harsh weather conditions. Leaky roofs are very common, especially if poor quality materials were used.

When this happens, you need to repair the leaky roofs before the ceilings and walls get damaged. You should inspect your roof after every drastic weather event such as strong wind, storms, and heavy rain. Inspecting your roof will prepare you beforehand for any damage that might have been caused.

Roofs that are properly installed require very little maintenance – this is mostly about the asphalt shingle roof. However, asphalt shingles can be easily repaired in just two steps:

1. Remove the old shingle

The first step to begin your shingles repair is to identify the place that is damaged. After it is identified, begin to remove the nails holding the shingle to the deck. In most cases, the nails are bonded to the shingle by the shingles asphalt sealant spots. You can break it off by sliding a flat pry bar carefully under the edge of the shingles.

After doing this, you can now remove the nails as well as the adjacent nails around the shingles. Do this by sliding the pry bar up to each nail area and pull upwards on the shingle, the nails would come right off. By doing this, the old shingle would successfully come off.

2. Fix the new shingle

As soon as the old shingle comes off, you can then replace it with the new one. Place the new shingle on the same spot as the old one and nail it into place. To further seal it into place, apply a few small spots of asphalt plastic roof cement under the tabs of the new shingle. Seal down any loose shingle too. You are good to go.

The best roofing company in Charlotte

Having a strong roof system is a big investment. You would save a lot of costs, time, and energy that would have been spent on refixing your roof after almost every harsh condition. Hiring a top roofing company, especially for your asphalt shingle repairs, is the best option. They would help to effectively conduct the inspection, as well as the repairs.

The roofing company would inspect the roof for any red flag or potential issue that may arise and cause harm before you know it. As soon as the roofer sees it, he will fix it up immediately.

To get the best finishing on your shingle repair, hire the services of a professional. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.