Shingle repair in Charlotte, NC for older shingles

Cost and frequency of shingle repair hard to predict

Although asphalt shingles are fairly cheap to replace and shingle repair is a fairly inexpensive form of roofing work, different roofers charge different amounts. They’ll charge more to work on a steeper and more complicated roof, such as one with a lot of gables and roof valleys. This is why you should always get a free estimate, if your shingle repair company offers one.Shingle repair

How much you’ll end up spending on shingle repair depends not only on this, but on how often your roof needs to be repaired. This partly depends on what sort of shingles you get. If you get brand-new shingles, they probably won’t need replacing within the next ten years. If you get older shingles, they’ll wear out much sooner, especially if they’re from the Charlotte, NC area rather than somewhere cooler. If you don’t want to have to pay for major roofing work within the next ten years, you should make a point of having new shingles put on your roof, even if this costs you a little more up front.

Summer can bring the need for shingle repair

Where winter can bring heavy snow and ice buildup, summer in Concord, NC has its own forms of destruction that it can visit on your roof. Constant sunlight can overheat the roof and cause blistering and warping, especially on the south-facing side. If there’s anything wrong with the ventilation in your attic, it may overheat and warp the shingles from below. Heavy rain can erode the white, sand-like granules that block ultraviolet light off the surface of your shingles. Check your roof gutters for signs of this. If you see any of these things, you need shingle repair.

These things all do damage slowly, and if you’re alert you can see them coming and nip them in the bud. Other things are faster, like high winds that force open the gaps between shingles and tear them loose, or bring large tree branches crashing into your roof. Whatever happens, don’t try to do your own shingle repair — it’s dangerous, it’s more complicated than it seems and you’ll void the warranty.

Shingle repair from Charlotte’s best roofers

If you need someone to repair your shingle roof, the best roofing company in Charlotte and Concord, NC is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte and an Owens Corning preferred contractor. Their experts can repair your roof and tell you how to keep it in repair. They’ll bring the new shingles and other materials themselves. If you need shingle repair, call today for a free estimate.