Shingles, shakes and tiles

Shingle repair in Charlotte, NCAsphalt and synthetic shingles

There are different kinds of roofing, which cost different amounts. Some last longer than others, and are easier to replace than others. When replacing one kind of roofing with another, it is important to know if the new roofing is heavier than the old, and if the underlying structure of the roof can handle the extra weight.

Asphalt shingles are cheap, and shingle repair is fairly simple. They’re also easily damaged — and not just by violent weather. The shingles may be warped from overheating by either constant sunlight or a too-hot attic caused by poor ventilation. Wind blowing over the surface of the roof will force the gaps between them to open wider until a loose or warped shingle is torn free. If the gutters of your roof become clogged by leaves or snow, rainwater may pool on your roof, resulting in water damage. Synthetic shingles are cheaper — but also more easily damaged.

Wooden shingles and shakes

“Shakes” are wooden shingles split from logs. They have a more natural, rough-hewn look than regular wooden shingles, and last longer. They’re often made of pine, cypress, redwood or western red cedar. Given time, it weathers to a shade of gray. Wooden roofing resists rot and insects, provided it has air circulating behind it and is washed and oiled occasionally. Unfortunately, it can catch fire.

Old wooden shingles and shakes were often hand-made and hand-planed, which makes them particularly tricky to replace — the gap they leave may not be exactly the same size as a modern machine-cut shingle. This is a good reason to leave shingle repair and shake repair to a qualified roofer.

Ceramic and stone

Slate and tile last even longer and are highly water-resistant, but are more expensive than asphalt or wood. In addition, they’re a lot heavier than asphalt or wood. You need to be sure the structure of your roof is sound enough to bear this extra weight. This is an area where you need the opinion of a professional roofer.

In addition, slate has the disadvantage that you can’t walk on it without cracking it. Make sure your roofer knows how to do slate shingle repair.

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