Shingle repairs in Charlotte NC: All you need to know

Shingle repairs are necessitated by roof damage, roof damage is caused by weather conditions and extreme temperature. Here are few tips in understanding the problem, possible prevention, and repair.

Tips #1 for shingle repair: Blisters

Shingle repairs are sometimes caused by blister damages. Blisters are caused by the exposure of volatile gasses escaping from the asphalt layer.  This gas substance reaches up to the shingle surface which then erodes at the top and blisters as a consequent result.  Prevention method includes ensuring that the roof is ventilated properly and making sure shingles are not installed over wet surfaces.  Blistering does not have a repair procedure, once it begins clients should be ready to change or replace the roof in the future. Where blistering opens up the shingle, the roof will need to be replaced immediately.

Tips #2 for shingle repair: Craze cracks (Thermal)

Shingle repairs also involve addressing the problem of craze cracks. Craze cracks cur as a result of the dryness of the asphalt shingle’s mat. Shingles that show signs of this problem within few years of installation may be related to la low-quality product or manufacturers’ defect. Tear and wear are bound to occur to shingles therefore it is difficult to prevent craze cracks. Craze cracks do not need to be repaired or treated as they are mostly harmless.

Tips #3 for shingle repair: Cupping

Factors that sometimes-necessitated shingle repairs are cuppings. Cupping is when the shingles begin to cup in the appearance of the Shingle. Cupping wear as a result of age.  The prevention method is by making sure the roof is properly ventilated.  The shingle repair procedure is to replace the roof.

Tips #4 for shingle repair: Hail Bruise

Shingle repair of the roof caused by hail bruises is difficult this is because hail bruising occurs when hailstones damage the surface and mat of the shingle. The only shingle repair option available is replacing the damaged portion of the roof and where necessary the whole roof.

Tips #5 for shingle repair: Flaking:

The roofing surface tends to deteriorate over time, this is mostly caused by weathering of the shingle due to age. Prevention and possible repair here is to replace the roof. when flaking occurs it is a sign that the roof ought to have been replaced long ago.

Tips #6 for shingle repair: Manufacturers’ defect

The defect caused in the process of manufacturing the shingle material? contact the manufacturers.

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