Shingles repair in Charlotte: Why your roof needs a repair

Shingles repair is still one of the most common roof repairs in Charlotte. Roof damages are prone to happen because it is that part of the house that is most exposed to the harsh weather elements daily. If the roof was made from inferior materials, then there is a very high possibility that you will be needing a repair soon.

Missing roof shingles is one of the most common issues homeowners deal with. This is because missing roof shingles lead to other “painful” damages on your roof that would require you to spend a bit more. An expert at shingles repair will help you locate where the damaged shingles are and fix them up before the issue will escalate. Learn about the 7 problems damaged shingles can cause to your roof and how your top Charlotte roofer can help with shingles repair.

Roof problems caused by damaged shingles

  1. Dreaded roof leaks

Fitted and balanced shingles help the water freely flow from the roof. But when the shingles are damaged or are missing, the water accumulates on the materials beneath the shingles. The accumulated water causes the materials to weaken and give way for the water to leak into the building.

  1. Molds in the attic

When your shingles get damaged, it allows moisture to get into the attic. The more water gathers inside the insulation and rafters. If this continues, mold will begin to form in your attic. Molds are a threat to health. They can spread to other parts of the house and weaken the structure. Molds also have a bad smell that can circulate the house.

  1. Pest infestation

As molds form in your attic, there is also a high chance of pest infestation, especially from the wet wood. Also, the accumulated water becomes stagnant, which now becomes a breeding area for mosquito larva. Insects can slip through the weakened structure and into the house. An insect-infested house is fatal to every member of the house as it would lead to an increase in illnesses.

  1. Structural building damage

The roof is at the top of the building. This means that whatever damage happens on the roof can spread to other parts of the house. The effect of damaged shingles can cause structural damage to the roof. This structural damage can spread through the structure of the house. For example, prolonged roof leaks weaken the overall structure of the building.

Contact a shingles repair expert in charlotte

Your roof is a very important part of the house and should be treated as such. It should be properly maintained and inspected for any damages or potential damages that may occur. The roof “protects” the house but when damaged, it “destroys” the house.

Contact a professional in shingles repair to help with any inspection and fixing of damaged shingles. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte NC and surrounding areas.